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Free Online Seminars About Seashore Paspalum at TurfNet

TurfNet.com is an excellent resource for golf course superintendents and it is well worth being a member if you like to stay abreast of the latest developments in golf course maintenance. The online seminars (or webinars) are another valuable resource as they are free to TurfNet members. But even for non-members, there are some new webinars just posted that are free to anyone, and these may be especially interesting for people who manage or are interested in managing seashore paspalum. Want to know which seashore paspalum variety may be best for your conditions? Which paspalum gets the most (or least) dollar spot? How to deal with bermudagrass infestation of a seashore paspalum turf? What strategies to use to deal with poor irrigation water quality? You can watch these on-demand webinars to find out.


To view these recorded programs, go to the webinar archive section of TurfNet.com and you can watch on-demand webinars by scientists and superintendents including Stewart Bennett, CGCS, Dr. Bryan Unruh and Dr. Dennis Shepard. All part of a "Perspectives on Paspalum" seminar held in September at Myrtly Beach, these seminars provide a wealth of information and tips about seashore paspalum management on golf courses.

Atc-paspalum In Dr. Unruh's talk, he mentioned a research project he did entitled "Seashore Paspalum Performance to Potable Water". This research paper is available for download here and includes useful information about different seashore paspalum varieties (including Sea Isle 2000, SeaDwarf, Seaspray, Sea Isle Supreme, Salam, and others) and their performance when irrigated with potable water. If you are considering a paspalum variety for your course, you will want to watch Dr. Unruh's talk and read the paper -- not all varieties are created equal, especially when it comes to dollar spot susceptibility. And not all varieties are the same when it comes to drought tolerance either. Check out the research results before you choose a grass for your site. At the Asian Turfgrass Center's research facility, we have seen a big difference in the way different seashore paspalum varieties respond to drought stress.


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