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December 2009

Turf Management Best Practice Conference at Spring City

Spring-city-turf-conference 2I was at the Spring City Golf and Lake Resort last week to speak at the Turf Management Best Practice conference organized by Spring City and Elmwood College with support from The R&A and companies such as Witgang Far East, The Toro Co., and Syngenta. In addition to my presentation on Integrated Pest and Turf Management (click here for a report on this talk at, I also led a field workshop along with Gordon McKie (course manager of the Old Course at St. Andrews), speaking to over 150 greenkeepers from China about how to create the desired playability on their golf courses. I am pictured at right along with Dr. Zhaolong Wang, professor at Shanghai Jiatong University.

Spring-city-turf-conference 4 

The Spring City Resort is rightly recognized as the best golf resort in Asia, and the two golf courses there were presented in excellent condition. The greens were extremely fast and smooth, the fairways provided a great lie for every shot, and the views, as you can see from the photo of the Lake Course above, are remarkable. This is a great venue for such a conference, and the sold-out registrations for this event shows that both the content of the talks and the venue for this conference were aptly chosen for the audience of greenkeepers from China.

For a full report on the conference (in Chinese), see the Turf Management 2009 page at

Spring-city-turf-conference 1

Along with Dr. Hu Lin from China Agricultural University and Gordon McKie from St. Andrews, I shared information about the use of water and fertilizer on golf courses in China and how the turfgrass playing conditions can be optimized. 
Spring-city-turf-conference 3

ATC's Turf Science Seminars 2010 (ターフサイエンス セミナー2010)

Turf-science-seminars-2010 I will be speaking at three full-day seminars about turfgrass science for the greenkeeper in the next few months. First, on 18 January, I will explain why turfgrass science is important for the greenkeeper and how turf science can be applied to turfgrass management. On 15 March I will discuss the science of turfgrass soils and how those soils can be managed to create the desired conditions. And I will wrap up this topic on April 15, immediately after the Masters Tournament, with a seminar about how turfgrass science can be applied to the management of playing surfaces. Each seminar will be held at Shinjuku.

These seminars are offered at a very reasonable price, thanks to the generous support of The Toro Co., Simplot, and Syngenta.

For more information, download the seminar brochure here or go to the Hugh Enterprise website for additional details and more information about registration for these seminars.