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ATC's Turf Science Seminars, March 15 & April 15 (ターフサイエンス セミナー2010)

Turf Seminars at Osaka, Ishikawa, and Tokyo


I was at Japan this month for seminars at Osaka and Ishikawa (for Royal Turf Co.) and at Tokyo (in a seminar organized by Asian Turfgrass Center). At Osaka and Ishikawa, I spoke about successful interseeding of creeping bentgrass. The focus of my seminar was how to modify the growing environment of the turfgrass so that existing grass can grow well, and also how to create the desired growing environment for establishing new seedlings if improved bentgrass varieties such as 007 or Tyee are to be introduced.


At the Royal Turf Co. seminars, Dr. Richard Hurley from Rutgers University and Moriso-san, greenkeeper at Higashi-Hirono Golf Club, also gave presentations about 007 creeping bentgrass and successful management of putting greens at Japan.


Then on 18 January at Tokyo I gave a full-day seminar about Turf Science for the Greenkeeper, starting a series of three seminars on this topic by speaking about plant growth and cell expansion, photosynthesis, water use of turfgrass, and how the scientific principles can be applied by greenkeepers in their work. This seminar (and the upcoming ones on March 15 and April 15) are supported by Syngenta, The Toro Co., and Simplot. Click here for a photo gallery of images from the 18 January seminar.


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