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January Seminars at Japan and Seminar Workbook Uploaded

Jozankei_view I've been at Japan for two weeks this month and have given a series of seminars at Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Hokkaido. Some of these seminars have been about why Japan is such a difficult place to grow cool-season grass. The quick explanation is because the low temperatures in the summer can exceed 27°C for more a month. I've also given some seminars about what I learned while working at the Masters Tournament, US Open, and Open Championship in 2010. And I gave two full-day seminars that discussed the effects of temperature on photosynthesis and the use of a growth potential model (生長能) based on optimum temperatures for turfgrass growth.

The seminar workbook for the January Turf Science Seminar 2011 is now posted at the Asian Turfgrass Center website and can be downloaded by clicking here or by clicking the workbook image below.



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