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Two Excellent (and free) Resources about Turfgrass Diseases

Controlling turfgrass diseases is one of the most important ways turfgrass managers modify the growing environment to produce the desired playing surfaces. Two resources that I find quite useful as reference material and as a source of new information are the Turf Diseases website and the University of Kentucky's Chemical Control of Turfgrass Diseases 2011.

At the Turf Diseases site, you will find updates about disease outbreaks, control options for different diseases, new information about ongoing research, and witty banter from an interesting group of university professors. The associated page on Facebook also contains information that can help turfgrass managers in their efforts to produce better playing surfaces.

Chem_control_disease_2011 The 24 page Chemical Control of Turfgrass Diseases 2011 was written by Paul Vincelli and David Williams at the University of Kentucky and is a guide that you are likely to find useful throughout the year. Not only does this document contain the latest information about fungicides and which products are most effective at controlling specific diseases, it also discusses cultural controls of turfgrass diseases and gives suggestions on how to minimize disease intensity. There is a wealth of useful information in this free document.


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