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World Cities Plotted by Climatological Normals, November


This chart shows a selection of world cities, plotted by their average temperature, precipitation, and sunshine hours for the month of November. An interactive and customizable chart with the climatological data is available at this link.

How does November look? Well, at cities such as Bangkok and Mumbai, on average, it looks pretty good for warm-season grasses. The rainy season has ended, sunshine hours are way up, and average temperatures are still close to an optimum for warm-season grasses. The Barclays Singapore Open will be on at Sentosa in November. Temperatures are good for warm-season turf, but look at the sunshine hours! On average, there are only 125 hours of sun at Singapore during November. The Zoysia matrella fairways will be in superb condition, I'm sure, for they thrive in these conditions. The bermudagrass greens will be superb as well, but it takes a lot of careful work to maintain high-quality bermudagrass at Singapore, mainly because of the relatively low light conditions.


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