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Climate Chart for Cool Season Areas, With Tutorial

I've made a new moving bubble chart, this one focusing not exclusively on warm-season areas, but also including a wide range of cities where cool-season grasses are grown: Beijing, Berlin, Boston, Budapest, Chicago ... Madison, Minneapolis, Moscow ... Topeka, Vancouver, Washington, D.C.. In total, 52 cities, including a few of my favorite warm-season and transition-zone cities such as Atlanta, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, Singapore, and Tokyo.

I've also written this short document that explains, perhaps in excruciating detail, exactly how I've gathered the data and produced this particular chart. I've included links to the data sources and software I use and provided formatted data files and the few lines of R code necessary to make the chart yourself. You may find it interesting to create charts in this format but with different data that changes with time. Perhaps it would be data from your on-site weather station? Perhaps soil test data that change with time, or labor hours to do different jobs on the course at different times of the year, or budget amounts over time, for different line items? 

Click here to go to the climate.asianturfgrass.com page to see the chart at a large size, or adjust the chart at a small size here. Almost every aspect of the chart can be adjusted to find the view of the data that is most useful for you.

Data: climate.52 • Chart ID: ATC_climate_chart_52
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