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For Wimbledon's Grass Courts, why the Expertise of Scientists and Agronomists is so Important

There has been a lot of excellent media coverage about maintenance of the grass courts at Wimbledon, including this video from CNN explaining some of the work that is done and the role of STRI in advising on the maintenance of the courts. An associated article from CNN, "Wimbledon grass faces Olympic race against time and nature," provides more information.

Watch the video and read the article to learn why "the expertise of scientists and agronomists is so important." It is fascinating to learn about the use of pre-germinated seed, the 8 mm mowing height of the perennial ryegrass on the courts, the use of a soil moisture profile probe from Delta-T Devices, a CM-1000 chlorophyll meter from Spectrum Technolgies, a Clegg Hammer for measuring surface firmness, and some of the work that is done to evaluate grass performance at STRI headquartes in Bingley.

For even more information, read "Wimbledon's Guardians of Grass Face Olympics, Too" from the NY Times.


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