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Sentosa GC Agronomy Blog, Twitter Updates, and Volunteer Opportunity: Barclays Singapore Open

It is great to see information sharing about turfgrass management, and I'm pleased to see that the Agronomy Team at Singapore's Sentosa Golf Club are expanding on their tournament volunteer and seminar program this year by also adding a blog and a twitter account to provide updates about the preparations for the Barclays Singapore Open.

Singapore, of course, has quite a challenging climate, particularly in November when there are only 125 hours of sunshine, on average. Follow @SentosaAgronomy on twitter to keep updated about just how they go about preparing Tifeagle greens and manilagrass fairways and roughs for one of Asia's premier golf events:



And check out the blog for information about volunteering at the Barclays Singapore Open and additional information and videos about course maintenance activities.



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