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ATC in 2012, by the Numbers

The Ten Most Popular Posts of 2012

After 90 posts on the Viridescent blog, here are the ten most popular posts of the year, as measured by pageviews. Topics included turfgrass selection, climate charts, turfgrass videos, conference reports, turfgrass mysteries, and various other topics – but the most views were concentrated in one topic: turfgrass nutrient requirements and fertilizer. Seven of the top ten posts were in this category.

10. Turfgrass Nitrogen Requirement and Growth Potential
9. Turfgrass Mystery: how was this bunker revetted?
8. Turfgrass Mystery: can you identify the grass on this putting green?
7. How to Save 60% or More in Turfgrass Fertilizer Cost
6. Calcium for Turfgrass: is there enough in the soil?
5. Calcium deficiency in turfgrass, an imaginary problem?
4. Putting Green Fertilizer: getting it right
3. The Real Price of Fertilizer
2. Chemical Fertilizer Programs for Sand Based Rootzones - the 1 minute version
1. Five Articles Every Greenkeeper Should Read


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