Turfgrass in Catalonia: 3
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Turfgrass Reports from Spain

In my two week trip to Spain, I visited the Canary Islands to see warm-season grasses, Madrid to speak at the Spanish Greenkeepers Congress, and Barcelona and Girona to see the grasses of Catalonia. I've written various updates about the interesting things I saw related to turfgrass management. Here is a list of these posts:

Golf Courses and Turfgrass on the "Miniature Continent" of Gran Canaria

Turfgrass at Gran Canaria: high season traffic, growth potential, salinity, and radio interview

A Report from Madrid: the 34th Spanish Greenkeepers Congress

Turfgrass in Catalonia: 1

Turfgrass in Catalonia: 2

Turfgrass in Catalonia: 3

Turfgrass Mystery: how was this bunker revetted?


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