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Soil and Water Testing for Turfgrass: valuable tool, or absurd pretense?

ATC in 2012, by the Numbers

AnaIn keeping with previous year end reports from 2011, 2010, and 2009, I've prepared some of the interesting numbers associated with the work of ATC in the past year.

This blog had visitors from 143 countries, there were 90 new posts published on a range of topics, and there was a substantial increase in readership, with a 90% increase in unique visitors compared to 2011.

The soil and water testing services that we provide to select clients in Asia continued to grow, with a 19% sample volume increase in 2012.

Climate_woods_golf_peopleI made more than 30 presentations in 11 countries, which I think for geographic range is a new personal high. In doing that, and in visiting 13 countries for various turfgrass studies, I flew 97 times, which comes to an average of one flight every 3.8 days. Keeping in mind that these are almost all international flights, I suprised myself by finding the time to write 14 magazine articles, or about 16,000 words, in English, before these articles were translated into Japanese, and Chinese, and Korean. 

I made a number of charts about climate and developed a new website, Asian Turfgrass Climate Charts, in which those charts are available for viewing. With Dr. Larry Stowell of PACE Turf, I also recorded 4 videos discussing light, turfgrass potassium requirements, and the new Minimum Levels for Sustainable Nutrition (MLSN) that we developed in 2012. Dr. Stowell presented this MLSN research in 2 co-authored presentations at the Bouyoucos Conference on constructed rootzones in Philadelphia and at the Crop Science Society of America Annual Meetings in Cincinnati.

I also collected data on putting green performance in 7 countries and made more than 500 measurements of photosynthetic irradiance across Asia and in Spain. The research I have been doing in those areas was summarized in these reports which are not coincidentally filled with numbers.

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