Turfgrass Notes From Korea
The Difference in Leaf Temperature Between Wilting and Transpiring Grass

Video Describing Manilagrass Production at Thailand

This video shows how manilagrass (Zoysia matrella) is planted, grown, and harvested on Thailand's sod farms. Manilagrass is used throughout East and Southeast Asia on lawns, parks, golf courses, sports fields, roadsides, and cemeteries. What is especially remarkable about this method of production is the time it takes from planting to harvest. During the summer when the temperatures are at a maximum and the grass can grow quickly, harvestable manilagrass sod is ready 30 days after planting. During winter, when the temperatures are cooler, it takes about 40 days from planting to harvest.

I spoke on this topic at a recent meeting of the Midsouth Turfgrass Council in Memphis. 


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