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Monthly Turfgrass Roundup (May 2013)

Following the lead of Simply Statistics, Revolution Analytics, and, who often post lists of interesting articles, I will list here articles from the last month that are likely to be of interest to turfgrass managers in Asia:

Manilagrass (Zoysia matrella) may be the best choice for links-style goling conditions in Southeast Asia

Turfpath, a new app which allows turfgrass managers to share information about active pest problems, is available for free installation from Google Play and the App Store

All handouts and presentation slides from Sustainable Turfgrass Management in Asia 2013 are available for download. So are the handouts and slides from the 2010, 2011, and 2012 conferences. Be sure to mark your calendar for 10 to 12 March 2014 when this conference will be held again at Thailand.

Paul Jansen suggested that Vietnam, and Danang in particular, may be the best golfing destination in Asia. I countered with my choice of Hokkaido for the summer, and Thailand for the winter. What is your favorite destination?

One of the fun things about being a golf course superintendent is having the chance to test products and practices

This video, from a presentation made at Thailand on 7 May, covers the topic of Understanding Data Use for Turf Management

There is a big difference in temperature between transpiring and non-transpiring grass

The new Flickr design is beautiful. Did you know you can see more that 600 photos of turfgrass in Asia here?

Precision now offer a firmess meter, the same one used to measure green firmness for PGA Tour events. Here is Paul Vermeulen with a video showing how easy it is to measure the green firmness with this meter.

The amount of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) has a huge impact on which grasses grow well, where. This new chart shows there is a big difference in PAR during warm weather between North America and Asia.

Every professional turfgrass manager should be able to answer this question about Tifway hybrid bermudagrass. Do you know the correct answer?

The ATC Turfgrass Information page was updated, now with more than 25 articles available for download

An interesting article at the Fine Golf website includes a quote from me about the Greenstester and making more putts

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