Does extra potassium improve bermudagrass performance when soil sodium is high?
Malaysia International Golf Symposium 2013: Registration & Program

Monthly Turfgrass Roundup (July 2013)

In case you missed them, these articles and links from July are likely to be of interest to turfgrass managers in Asia:

Be careful when applying DMI fungicides to putting green turf.

A golf tourism boom is expected in SE Asia, with Thailand and Vietnam expected to receive 85% of the traffic.

Essential info from Garr Reynolds for anyone who gives presentations - No excuse for boring an audience: advice on giving technical presentations.

I spoke with Matt Adams about turfgrass on the Fairways of Life radio show. Listen to our conversation here.

The R&A shared this interesting report about wildlife and nature at Muirfield, site of the Open Championship.

More evidence that phosphorus application encourages the growth of annual bluegrass (Poa annua), and withholding phosphorus reduces annual bluegrass.

More photos have been uploaded to the Asian Turfgrass Center Flickr gallery, including images of the best turf under tree shade in Southeast Asia.

New research about honey bees, crop pollination, and pesticides which all turfgrass managers should be aware of.

When I was a superintendent at Habu CC in Japan, we experienced a July with record heat and drought. How hot and how dry was it? I looked up the historical weather data.

This is an excellent reference guide to heat and drought recovery from PACE Turf (members only).

For superintendents who collect data on their course and for turfgrass researchers and graduate students, this paper from Hadley Wickham on tidy data and organizing datasets will help to save time by explaining the optimum way to organize the data.

Interveinal chlorosis on grass leaves is indicative of a nutrient deficiency, in this case probably iron deficiency.

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