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The Global Soil Survey for Sustainable Turf, a new citizen science project

In 2012, the Asian Turfgrass Center and PACE Turf developed and introduced the Minimum Levels for Sustainable Nutrition (MLSN) guidelines. Now, in an expansion of this project, we have initiated the Global Soil Survey for Sustainable Turf.

The Global Soil Survey is a citizen science project in which turfgrass managers from around the world can submit samples from their location. These samples will be added to those of other survey participants to generate new and improved nutritional guidelines for turf.

The mission and goals of this project are:

  1. production of new, sustainable soil nutritional guidelines that target the lowest nutrient levels needed to support the desired levels of turf quality and playability
  2. generating the new guidelines through analysis of soil samples collected by survey participants from around the globe
  3. providing participants with individualized reports on soil nutritional conditions at their location, as well as quantification of their sustainability index
  4. promoting adoption of the new sustainability guidelines through social media, websites, articles, scientific presentations and educational seminars
  5. insuring reliable data by utilizing a single, highly reputable laboratory for all analyses

Sign up now, online or with this mail in form. The cost for a survey kit is $250 and includes:

  • Sampling and shipping instructions for collection of 3 soil samples
  • Sample bags, sample submission form, box for sample shipment to Brookside Laboratories (All shipping costs will be pre–paid for U.S. participants)
  • An individualized report, emailed to each participant, that assesses the soil nutritional status at their location, quantifies the sustainability index, and provides guidance on nutritional practices that will help to reduce inputs without sacrificing turf quality or playability. Twenty–one different parameters will be analyzed including pH, S, Ca, Mg, K, Na, P (Mehlich 3, Bray and Olsen), PSI, nitrate–N, ammonium–N, total N, EC, B, Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn, Al and Cl. 
  • Each participant's data will be pooled with that of other survey participants to generate new and improved soil nutritional guidelines for turf. These guidelines will be made available to the public on websites and in articles, presentations and educational seminars.

For more information, see the Global Soil Survey page or the Global Soil Survey page on Facebook.


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