Monthly Turfgrass Roundup (August 2013)
2013 Indian Golf Union Greenkeeper Education Programme

Global Soil Survey discussion on TurfChat episode 33

The Global Soil Survey was the topic of this week's TurfChat. Watch the video to hear Larry Stowell and I, along with host John Kaminski and the other participants, explain this exciting new project. 

GSS-1-1This citizen science research project will have a big and positive effect on the way we think about and practice turfgrass fertilization. This builds on the minimum levels for sustainable nutrition (MLSN) guidelines that we introduced in 2012, now giving the opportunity for turfgrass managers from around the world to participate in this ongoing and exciting research project.

The Global Soil Survey is designed to produce and refine a new set of soil nutritional guidelines for turfgrass. These guidelines are developed to identify the lowest nutrient levels needed to support the desired levels of turf quality and playability. The MLSN guidelines are already being used at hundreds of golf courses to great success. With the Global Soil Survey, these guidelines will get even better.


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