Notes from a Japanese Pro Tournament: korai greens, data, and rain
Global Soil Survey discussion on TurfChat episode 33

Monthly Turfgrass Roundup (August 2013)

Tools-korai-keyaIn case you missed them, these articles and links from August are likely to be of interest to turfgrass managers in Asia:

ATC and PACE Turf introduced the Global Soil Survey for Sustainable Turf, a new citizen science initiative developed to generate new and improved nutritional guidelines for turf.

My presentation on Minimum Nutrient Requirements for Putting Green Turf, given as part of the Philippine Turfgrass Forum 2013, in available for viewing in its entirety in this video, or for download of the presentation slides or supplemental presentation handout.

From the same turfgrass forum, hosted by University of the Philippines Los Baños, watch my presentation on Five Easy Ways to Improve Turfgrass Performance, or download the presentation slides in PDF format.

The Malaysia International Golf Symposium is coming up on October 21 to 23. Full details on the comprehensive educational program and networking events of the symposium, along with registration forms, are available from the Malaysian Golf Association.

Does extra potassium fertilizer improve bermudagrass performance when soil sodium is high? The short answer is no. Read more here.

Brian Whitlark wrote about Championship Green Speed in a fascinating USGA Southwest Region update.

Superintendent Andrew McDaniel of Keya Golf Club was interviewed in this pre-tournament profile before the Vana H Cup KBC Augusta tournament on the Japan Golf Tour. 

The KBC Augusta tournament is unique in that it is the only regular event on the Japan men's tour played on korai (Zoysia matrella, or manilagrass) greens. This video, using a Greenstester set 10 feet from the hole, shows how smooth the ball rolls on korai greens under tournament conditions.

An interesting turf mystery showed bermudagrass invading a korai green, and some different growth characteristics of the two species.

For more about turfgrass management in Asia, browse the many articles available for download on the ATC Turfgrass Information page, subscribe to this blog by e-mail or with an RSS reader - I use Feedly, or follow @asianturfgrass on Twitter. Link and article roundups from previous months can be seen here.


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