Monthly Turfgrass Roundup (September 2013)
An Excellent Seminar from Doug Soldat on Soil Management

Predicting Turfgrass Performance: video, slides, and handout from Cornell University seminar

Cornell_micah_seminarToday I spoke about Predicting Turfgrass Performance for the Horticulture Department seminar series at Cornell University. What do I mean by that?

I explained how I use a temperature-based growth potential to predict the effect of temperature on turfgrass growth and how that can be related to turfgrass nitrogen use. This is important in understanding and optimizing turfgrass performance in parts of the world (which is most of the world, actually) where there are not extensive turfgrass research field trials. Then I discussed how sunshine hours can be related to grass species selection, and I closed by talking about a method for determining turfgrass nutrient requirements.

Download the presentation handout (87 kB, PDF)

Download the presentation slides (3.9 MB, PDF)

Grad_student_lunchAfter the seminar I had lunch with the Horticulture Department graduate students to discuss graduate school, horticultural research, and careers.

I explained that I have continued to study after finishing graduate school in 2006, with my research into photosynthetic irradiance an example of something that I didn't know much of in graduate school. My study of this subject over the past few years has really helped me to understand turfgrass performance in subtropical and tropical areas. During the seminar I demonstrated the similarities between Hilo, Hong Kong, and Rio de Janeiro, showing how they differ from the climates of Miami and Honolulu. Here's the chart.

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