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Counting Down, Top 5 Posts of 2012

Various interesting posts hide in the back pages of blogs, and I've enjoyed seeing which of the posts from the early years of this blog were most popular, as measured by the number of pageviews.

Continuing with the lists of top posts by year since the inception of this blog in 2009, here are the 5 posts with the highest pageviews from 2012:

  1. Five Articles Every Greenkeeper Should Read
  2. Chemical Fertilizer Programs for Sand Based Rootzones - the 1 minute version
  3. The Real Price of Fertilizer
  4. Putting Green Fertilizer: getting it right
  5. Calcium deficiency in turfgrass, an imaginary problem?

I previously listed the 5 top posts from 2009, the top 5 from 2010, and the top 5 from 2011.

Coming up next week, I'll share some of the most viewed posts of 2013.


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