IGU West Zone Greenkeeper Education Programme at Ahmedabad
Counting Down, Top 5 Posts of 2010

Monthly Turfgrass Roundup (November 2013)

In case you missed them, these articles and links from the past month are likely to be of interest to turfgrass managers in Asia:

I spoke with Kyle Brown on the GCI Superintendent Radio Network about potassium (K) and ensuring enough is available to the grass.

3 reasons, with photos and video evidence, proving conclusively that sheep are better than cows at mowing fairways.

When it comes to rough, there is some evidence that cows may be superior to sheep:

And this GCSAA past president offers another look at the sheep vs. cow debate:

I filed this report on the inventions and education at the Japan Turf Show.

The Indian Golf Union held a weeklong greenkeeping course at Mysore.

Playable and aesthetic deep rough on tropical golf courses is possible.

I started this blog on 1 January 2009. In the first year, these were the 5 most viewed posts.

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