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New motion chart to look at relative growth potential of cool and warm season grass

Growth Potential, Inflection Points, and an Optimum Date for Overseeding

Gp_overseed_inflectionLast year I showed cool-season (C3) and warm-season (C4) growth potential (GP) in relation to overseeding timing in Japan and in Dubai. Larry Stowell from PACE Turf suggested I look at another way of representing the growth potential. He said that if I would plot time on the x-axis, and the cumulative sum of the difference between C3 GP and C4 GP, I would see something very interesting related to the transition from good warm-season weather and good cool-season weather.

I've looked into this by analyzing the daily C3 GP and C4 GP using weather data from the past 15 years at Kashima, Japan. Read the report and see the charts here.


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