New motion chart to look at relative growth potential of cool and warm season grass
Relationship between soil moisture and turfgrass surface hardness

One more look at accumulated difference in growth potential and overseeding

predicting optimum overseed date at Shanghai

After I shared this analysis of accumulated difference in cool-season and warm-season growth potential as a way to identify potentially optimum dates for overseeding, I've been able to obtain some more daily data from a range of locations: Dubai, Shanghai, Scottsdale, Antalya, Palm Springs, and Orlando. With these daily data, I've made charts to show the striking change as temperatures change from favoring growth of warm-season grass to favoring cool-season grass.

Larry Stowell from PACE Turf suggested I look at this accumulated difference plotted against time. As you can tell from my recent posts (1, 2, 3) on this topic, I've found it fascinating!

cool-season and warm-season growth potential at Orlando, 2013 cool-season and warm-season growth potential at Palm Springs, 2013 cool-season and warm-season growth potential at Scottsdale, 2013

It is an interesting way to look at potentially optimum dates for overseeding. I'd be interested to hear from turfgrass managers about the timings and relative growth predicted by these models. Do these inflection points on the charts correspond with the relative growth of cool-season and warm-season grasses at these locations? Full details of these calculations are available in this document: another way to look at turfgrass growth potential and overseeding.

temperatures and growth potential at Antalya


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