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Turfgrass Mystery: can you identify the golf course architect?


For this mystery, I take a slightly different tack, and consider golf course design rather than turfgrass specifically. Each of the three courses shown in this post were designed by the same architect. The hole pictured above is a par 3 on a course in Hokkaido. The hole pictured immediately below is a par 4 on a course in Osaka.


I've noticed a dramatic and distinctive style to the courses designed by this architect. The courses may not be easy to maintain, and may not be easy to play, but they certainly will be memorable, and are some of the most extensively-mounded courses I've seen in Japan.

The final clue is this view across a course by the same architect in Okayama.


This mystery is a simple one. Can you identify the architect of these courses? I expect readers familiar with Japanese golf will know this right away. For those less familiar with golf in Japan, and wanting to do some research on this, I suggest the informative Golf in Japan site.

This was answered correctly, and quickly, by Andrew McDaniel, golf course superintendent at Keya GC. 

 These courses were all designed by Kato Shunsuke. And the photos, from top to bottom, are Hokkaido GC, Hanna CC, and JFE Setonaikai GC. Kato's distinctive design style can be seen at many courses in Japan.

Below I've posted one more photo, this of Kato's Tojo GC in Hyogo prefecture. 



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