Water in the Soil: new article in GCM China
In which I wrote a long answer to a short question about golf course grass in Rio de Janeiro


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Hi Micah

Interesting stuff as always.

Any thoughts on using clipping yield as a measure of indication for PGR application?

For example, would using an accumulated total of clippings removed in a similar manner as GDD be effective in determining timing of application? If a site specific target was established (say 40 catchers) when this had been reached the count would reset as PGR is applied.

Hi Grant,

Yes, I think cumulative clipping yield might give a similar result. But one would need to do a lot of site-specific testing to figure out just what that site target yield would be. The cool thing about the 200 GDD model is that it seems to be transferable across a pretty broad area. But cumulative clipping yield certainly sounds like a promising approach.


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