In which I wrote a long answer to a short question about golf course grass in Rio de Janeiro
10 numbers for putting green maintenance

More surface area removal charts, in metric and U.S. customary units

RemovalWhen I talk about organic matter management, sand topdressing, core aerification, minimizing disturbance to golfers – those and associated topics – I often show a chart such as the one at right. 

I've made a series of new charts, all showing the same data, but with the units given in both metric (cm and mm) and in U.S. customary units (inches). These charts are shown below and are provided in 2 versions – in colour or with different line types to show different spacing. Click the charts below to see at full size or to download a medium resolution copy.

Metric, linetype

Inches, linetype

Metric, color

Inches, color

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