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A Fortunate Stroke of Serendipity

How I came to have a Nittany Lion on my lawn in Bangkok


Thanks to the Penn State Turf Club, I received a Nittany Lion in today's mail. 

The Club selected our (Gelernter, Stowell, and Woods) article from the December 2013 issue of Golf Course Management for their Article of the Year Award.


We wrote Documenting your progress toward sustainability to

"help you and your facility measure and communicate concrete progress toward reaching sustainability goals ... 

Without the ability to measure it, sustainability remains a mushy, confusing and frustratingly unobtainable goal. Without quantification, evaluating the achievement of sustainability goals becomes wholly subjective — in the eye of the beholder. Although you may think you’re doing a great job, you have no way to communicate it or to prove it, unless you have some way to measure and document it.

In this article, we present several simple monitoring approaches that can help take the mush out of sustainability, and instead treat it as a measurable, science-based agronomic phenomenon. All of these procedures can easily be put into practice at your facility."

I'm thrilled that this article has been so well-received and that the Penn State Turf Club saw fit to choose this article for their award. Thank you! 

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