Turfgrass Mystery: the tee with the solitary stripe
Three of my favorite projects from Beth Guertal's Research Group

Monthly Turfgrass Roundup: July 2014

If you missed them, these articles and links from the past month may be of interest to turfgrass managers in Asia:

Part 2 of the Golf Club Atlas interview with Don Mahaffey.

Glen Obear's paper on iron-cemeted layers on putting greens is available for free download.

Use pH and organic matter to estimate CEC of sand rootzones.

Potassium in the soil declines rapidly in some sand rootzones.

Growth potential article in GCM China.

What's the right optimum temperature for growth potential?

Superintendents discuss their involvement with the Global Soil Survey.

New video about the Park Grass experiment.

Carpetgrass part 1: underused and unappreciated.

Carpetgrass part 2: ugly duckling, or swan?

Adding potassium didn't improve drought resistance of warm-season grass.

These turf management videos from PACE Turf.

Penn State's guide to turfgrass fertilization.

Bleached bands on Zoysia japonica at Okayama

What's the cause of bleached bands on Zoysia japonica?

Clover. Disappeared. With no herbicide. Jason Haines noticed something crazy.

Adding potassium increased incidence of pink snow mold.

For more about turfgrass management in Asia, browse articles available for download on the ATC Turfgrass Information page, subscribe to this blog by e-mail or with an RSS reader - I use Feedly, or follow @asianturfgrass on Twitter. Link and article roundups from previous months can be seen here.


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