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Presentation slides and handouts from Macau

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I really enjoyed today's meeting of the South China Turf Managers Association (SCTMA) in Macau. There is more to share later, but for now, here are the handouts and slides for the two topics I discussed this afternoon.

First was Measuring Sustainability, in which we discussed simple measurements that can be used at any facility to track relevant inputs.

The second presentation was about nutrient requirements. I explained how the MLSN guidelines can be used as a simple decision making tool.

There are two questions that every turfgrass manager will have when it comes to fertilizer. First, is an element required as fertilizer, or not? Second, if that element is required, how much should be applied? The MLSN guidelines answer both of those questions, for any grass, anywhere. The presentation and associated handout explain how to do this.

After the seminars, we took a tour of the very impressive facilities at The Venetian, then had dinner and lots of turf talk with friends at a poolside reception.



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