The first year Global Soil Survey report is now available
Conventional nutrient guidelines: explaining what I mean by "broken"

Technical details of the Global Soil Survey report, including the entire year 1 dataset

The Global Soil Survey is a citizen science project. We are working with turfgrass managers from around the world to collect and analyze soil samples from good performing turf. Through an analysis of those soils, we are able to develop new and improved soil nutrient guidelines for turfgrass that are useful for the entire industry.

The ethos of this project is openness. We share the data that have been collected, and we share the code used to generate the guidelines.

Not everyone will be interested in all the details. But if you want to do your own project with these data, or compare our data to your data, or check for errors in our code, or just see what we've done to make such a pretty report, or find a way to improve on what we have done so far, all the files are in this GitHub repository. With these files, and the right software on your computer, you will be able to reproduce (and check) our analyses and the entire report. Or you can just have a look at the data in your web browser. Or do something we haven't imagined with this. It's open.



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