Turfgrass ecology, part 4: "the luxuriance of our meadows and pastures"
A look at 2014 pageviews on this blog, and my 10 favorite posts that didn't make the top 10

"This publication is intended for professional turfgrass managers who use fungicides as part of an overall disease-control program"

Selection_009"This publication" is Chemical Control of Turfgrass Diseases 2015 by Paul Vincelli and Gregg Munshaw. A wealth of information about diseases is packed into only 24 pages.

And it is not just about chemical control. Common turfgrass diseases are described, the environment and season in which the disease is most likely to occur are explained, and the best control measures for each disease are given. There are also informative sections about fungicide resistance, improving spray efficacy, detrimental effects of pesticides, and much more. This is a guide that will be of use to every professional turfgrass manager.


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