The importance of irrigation water testing
"Even at extremely high concentrations, the bicarbonate did not seal off the soil"

"We knew that the results of the survey and of the new nutritional guidelines that resulted from it might attract attention, and even controversy, because they represent a significant departure in the philosophy and practice of turf nutrition"


Gelernter et al. wrote about the Global Soil Survey in the December 2014 issue of GCM. The article describes what we are doing with this exciting project, why we are doing it, what is innovative about this, and who is involved. Read the article to get the full details and links to all the info.

Here's a quick summary.

  1. Conventional nutrient guidelines for turfgrass are too high. This explains.
  2. This project is developing new guidelines that more closely match the nutrient levels required to produce good turf. Here they are.
  3. This is an open science project, with the data, code, and results all shared. Here they are.
  4. "These guidelines would literally not exist without the active participation of the turf community." Here's the participant list for the Global Soil Survey.


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