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More turfgrass tweet activity

Rather than number of followers, or number of tweets, I wanted to look at the activity or response to a tweet, in terms of favorites and retweets. For the accounts that I followed, or that followed me, as of 24 January, I downloaded the last 500 tweets using this script.

I looked at only those accounts with more than 500 tweets and I left in most golf and sports related accounts for perspective. I removed accounts that were unrelated to turf or sports that are played on turf, although this manual removal may not be perfect.

This is the top 50 accounts, looking at simply the sum of mean favorites and mean retweets for the original tweets out of the last 500 tweets.

For those wondering how to get these data, this gist shows how one can use the twitteR package in R to query the Twitter REST API. As shown in this gist, the tweet activity data can be calculated for X tweets from a specified user's timeline. Or, also shown here, one can get the followers and or friends from a given user's account, and then get the tweet activity data for each of those accounts in a loop.


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