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Zoysia and growth potential in Beijing and Seoul

This chart shows the temperature-based growth potential for cool (C3) and warm (C4) season grasses at Beijing and Seoul.

It is too cold in winter for any type of grass to grow, and during the spring, summer, and autumn, C3 species will grow more than C4 species. Of course, C4 species use less water than C3 species, tend to be more salt tolerant, and in this type of climate, will require less mowing due to the shorter growing season.

Playing golf on a Zoysia japonica fairway near Seoul, March

Zoysia japonica is in common use as a fairway and rough turf around Seoul, more so than it is in Beijing.

Bentgrass greens and Zoysia japonica through the green near Seoul, March

Based on the similar temperatures between Seoul and Beijing, Zoysia japonica would certainly perform well in the summer in Beijing. But with colder winters in Beijing than in Seoul, one would need to be more concerned about potential winterkill. It would seem that Beijing winters would be almost too cold for Zoysia japonica, based on the temperatures at which this species was killed in this experiment by Patton and Reicher.

March golf near Seoul
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