Surprises, conservatism, and what one can learn from soil testing: part 1
Surprises, conservatism, and what one can learn from soil testing: part 2

Monthly Turfgrass Roundup: February 2015

Here's a roundup of turfgrass articles and links from the past month:

Jason Kruse asked about micronutrients and it turned into a long discussion.

Silica and green speed. Who would have thought it such a controversial topic? Follow-up discussion on Facebook and Twitter.

Using and misusing the word fertility.

Double wide fairway stripes look great:

More double wide stripes at Monterey Peninsula CC:

Diversity of opinion, factual matters, and soil tests.

Sod bunker liners, a "popular option in our area of the country."

Frankly Speaking with Dr. Rossi about turf nutrition on TurfNet Radio.

A fast way to do root pruning:

MLSN, all nutrients, and why we don't have MLSN guidelines for micronutrients.

Adam Garr asked about morning sun, and that also turned into a long discussion.

A Pitchcare discussion about soil testing.

This was a popular sentiment:

What about nutrients in the soil that are not available? I answer that question three times.

Sodium as an imaginary problem on sand-based putting greens.

Soil tests and fertilizer calculations -- are we on the same page?

Slides, and a handout, on irrigation & 3 key points for summer.

Soil tests and N rates.

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