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What happened on January 16, or how to increase interest on what you tweet by more than 75%

@TurfDiseases is one of my favorite Twitter accounts. Tonight I downloaded the last 1000 tweets from that account (using this script), then filtered them to remove the retweets, and looked at the interaction that has happened on each tweet by adding the number of favorites and retweets that happened on each of the @TurfDiseases tweets.

I was glad to see that since noon on January 16, the favorites per tweet are up by 120%, the retweets per tweet are up by 50%, and the overall interaction with each tweet (favorites + retweets) are up by 75.8%. This density plot shows how the interactions per tweet are distributed, before and after January 16.

TurfdiseasesSo what changed with the @TurfDiseases account on January 16?




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