3 decades to use all calcium in the soil?
MLSN webinar on TurfNet

Monthly Turfgrass Roundup: April 2015

Here's a roundup of turfgrass articles and links from the past month:

Bill Kreuser with this TurfNet webinar on Making Soil Tests Work for You.

He also wrote about plant growth regulators on putting greens for the USGA Green Section Record.

Darius Oliver with this photo from South Cape Owners Club:

I wrote about salt in irrigation water for GCM China.

Is annual N a useful measurement?

Dave Wilber with this magnificent advice on succeeding at work.

Seminar questions: availability of nutrients, and foliar applications with soil guidelines.

Glen Obear's presentation about iron-cemented layers in putting greens:

Precision fertilization from STERF is almost identical to MLSN.

Jason Haines shared his latest results from the Global Soil Survey.

What are normal levels of soil phosphorus in turf soils?

Scott McElroy with this photo showing the best non-chemical weed control:

Some thoughts on fast and slow release fertilizers.

Paul Jansen on the design and construction of golf courses from start to finish.

For more about turfgrass management, browse articles available for download on the ATC Turfgrass Information page, subscribe to this blog by e-mail or with an RSS reader - I use Feedly, or follow asianturfgrass on Twitter. Link and article roundups from previous months are here.


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