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A comparison of PAR and temperatures at Corvallis and Ithaca

Monthly Turfgrass Roundup: May 2015

Here's a roundup of turfgrass articles and links from the past month:

Would it really take three decades to use all the calcium in the soil?

Jon Wall trying to prevent rain:

Beth Guertal wrote about bentgrass and nitrogen in GCM.

I gave this webinar on TurfNet about the MLSN guidelines.

Obear et al. wrote about mowing height and frequency for lawn-height turf.

Physiological effects of pigments on turf.

Golf course architect Paul Jansen on ground contours at the R&A's course management site.

The relative effect of shade in Hamburg.

Frank Rossi and Norm Hummel had a fascinating conversation on TurfNet RADIO.

Bill Kreuser shared the new PGR GDD tracker program:

And he prepared this video tutorial:

Bill Kreuser also talked about PGR use on putting greens on the Superintendent Radio Network.

Randy Booker shared a photo showing spring effects of autumn Aerway treatment:

This video showing the damage when a windstorm brings down 3600 trees.

RCGEP Viento diciembre from Real Club de Golf El Prat on Vimeo.

Summaries of soil test results in Kentucky.

Morning vs. afternoon shade in Mobara.

I spoke with Kyle Brown about sustainability.

Simulated effects of morning vs. afternoon shade at seven locations.

This article on simplifying soil test interpretation.

Eric Reasor with a photo of Tifway, Tifgreen, and Tifeagle:

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