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On multifunctional golf facilities, the environment, and health

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I attended a seminar in Garðabær by golf course architect Edwin Roald about golf, Iceland, sustainable golf courses, land use, life expectancy, multifunctional golf courses, and much more.


Roald is on the STERF (Scandanavian Turfgrass and Environment Research Foundation) board, and one of the main projects of STERF is the research and promotion of multifunctional golf facilities.

STERF have funded a number of projects about grass varieties, fertilizer, irrigation, plant growth regulators -- interesting as they are applicable to the Nordic region, but not so different from the topics studied elsewhere. What I find most interesting is the research into multifunctional golf facilities, and the business, societal, environmental, and health benefits of such. Read more about these projects here.

Don Mahaffey spoke in some ways about these topics in interviews with GCA (part 1, part 2) last year. I was reminded, in Roald's seminar, of the 40% mortality reduction measured in Sweden among golf players.

Interesting topics, and ones not always at the forefront in other parts of the world. For more images of golf in Iceland, many of which are multifunctional facilities, see this photo gallery. Below is a photo of the Geysir Golf Club, designed by Roald.

Geysir GC with erupting Strokkur


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