High soluble salts, K, and extractants
4 cities, 2 continents, and 1 year of light and temperature

Monthly Turfgrass Roundup: August 2015

Here's a roundup of turfgrass articles and links from the past month:

Jim Brosnan wrote in the Green Section Record about Golf's most common weed control challenges.

From an award-winning superintendent blogger, a summary of everything that's interesting.

Typhoon damage on the Tuesday of tournament week at the KBC Augusta tournament in Japan:

Typhoon Goni has arrived in full force. Winds still very strong. Hope to start clean up this afternoon. #KBCAugusta

Posted by Keya Golf Club Turfgrass Maintenance on Monday, August 24, 2015

Video of typhoon and cleanup on KBC News:

振り返ってみるといい思い出?夏の一大イベントも終わって、すっかり秋模様…。昔は日テレの24時間テレビが終わると「夏が終わり」だったけど、ここ数年はトーナメントが終わると夏が終わりって気がする。Andrew McDanielおつかれでした。そして芥屋のみなさんもお疲れ様でしたー。

Posted by Yuka Takagi McDaniel on Tuesday, September 1, 2015

After a prodigious effort by the maintenance staff and volunteers, the course was ready:

A list of MLSN articles in Chinese, English, and Spanish.

I wrote about soluble salts and K.

This weed ID photo guide.

This is what a sod plugger looks like:

Temperature and light data from Alaska and Hawaii to show two extremes.

Golf and health.

I put together a photo album of turf and animals, which I'll add to periodically.

Video of iron and soil pH layers from Glen Obear:

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