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Monthly Turfgrass Roundup: September 2015

Here's a roundup of turfgrass articles and links from the past month:

This, by Hellacam, is the best course video by drone I've seen -- of Clearwater Bay Golf and CC in Hong Kong.

Mark Hunt had some insightful comments about GDD and growth potential and their use.

Clint Mattox's thesis has some great new information about managing microdochium patch using non-traditional fungicides on annual bluegrass.

Govindan Sivakumar shared this photo of repairing from the real elephant's footprint:

Jim McLoughlin on Turfnet about superintendents and consultants.

A year of weather in Georgia, Japan, and Mississippi.

Dave Wilber had some great conversations on his new Turfgrass Zealot Project.

Clipping volume from putting greens with data over multiple years.

This is a DLI index -- an index of photosynthetic light.

Temperature and light and their relative effect on turf.

Allen Dewald with this photo of turf at the end of the season:

A guide for assessing a golf course's multifunctional potential.

Easy explanation of PAR, PPFD, and DLI.

If turfgrass growth were a recipe, these are the ingredients.

Are weed problems related to energy for growth?

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