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"I'd be applying potassium all the time": Part 1

The eloquent Edwin Roald on Bogey Nights

This is a conversation I really enjoyed, and I think you will too. Edwin has some great ideas about matching the time window of a round of golf to the way we live today. And the implications of this are many -- time, cost, resources, quality, and land use are all naturally influenced by what he has to say.


This fascinating conversation is less than 15 minutes. Have a listen here: Edwin Roald on Bogey Nights, or visit for more information.

Another note of interest is this. Jason McKenzie, one of the hosts of the Bogey Nights show, worked in golf course maintenance during high school before going on to play golf at Mississippi State University. There is a lot of talent and knowledge on this radio show, and I'm glad I had a chance to listen.


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