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Top 10 posts on the blog in 2015

A look at pageviews in 2015, and my 10 favorite posts that didn't make the top 10

Tomorrow I'll list the 10 posts with the highest pageviews this year. Today, a quick summary of all 139 posts so far in 2015, and my pick of 10 posts that I really liked but that did not make the top 10 in pageviews. Here's a histogram of pageviews for all posts in 2015.

2015_histogramThe most viewed post had 868 pageviews; the least viewed had 14. The median views for all the posts was 98; 25% of the posts had less than 67 views; 25% of the posts had more than 190 views.

This violin plot shows all the posts.

Violin2015And here's my selection of the 10 posts that didn't make the top 10 in views, but that I really liked.

  1. Maximum wind speed for each of the past 609 July days at RAF Leuchars, which shows just how extraordinary the wind speed was when play was suspended at the Open Championship.
  2. Morning and afternoon shade with PPFD capped at 1000, exploring the question of whether morning shade or afternoon shade is more detrimental to cool-season grasses.
  3. What happened on January 16, or how to increase interest on what you tweet by more than 75%: everyone is busy, no need to clutter their feeds with junk. Getting rid of automated tweets can increase interaction too!
  4. This is what PAR looks like, showing photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) every 5 minutes on a cloudy day, sunny day, a week, a month, and a year.
  5. Tournament week clipping volume, in which I make a case for routine measurement of clipping volume as being a useful piece of information.
  6. A chart of PPFD at two locations this year from January 1 through last Friday, the most intricate chart I made this year.
  7. Estimating turfgrass nutrient use, which is pretty much the key thing to estimate when determining how much fertilizer to apply.
  8. Surprises, conservatism, and what one can learn from soil testing, part 1: describes an experiment in Thailand, and some extended thoughts on these topics.
  9. Nonsense, facts that aren't facts, and turf in 3 dimensions: I even got blocked by Steve Keating's account after this post!
  10. Botanizing in Bangkok, about tropical grasses and the largest grass collection I've seen in Southeast Asia.

A similar report on the pageviews from 2014 is available here.


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