Estimating daily light integral (DLI) in Tennessee
A look at pageviews in 2015, and my 10 favorite posts that didn't make the top 10

Map of all the flights I took this year

I made a map of all the flights I took this year. The code I used to make the map is based on this.

Flights2015After seeing the map, I scrolled through my photos from these places. It's been an extraordinary year for studying grass around the world.

Korai lawns in central Tokyo.



Bermudagrass in India.


  Golf turf in early summer.Ice

Bermudagrass at the Girona Temps de Flors.


  Bermudagrass and Hordeum.Hordeum

At Harpenden, different species grow where different fertilizers have been applied.


At the Cascade Head Prairie, some of the same species as found at Harpenden.


Amazing color of fine fescue at Chambers Bay.


Manilagrass lawn beside the beach in Bali.


Seashore paspalum at SCG Stadium in Bangkok.



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