A little more about tournament conditioning guidelines
The R&A Seminar on Sustainable Golf Course Design, Renovation and Maintenance in Asia

Monthly Turfgrass Roundup: January 2016

Here's a roundup of turfgrass articles and links from the past month:

Paul Jansen with a top 100 list of courses you may not have heard of but must play:

Edwin Roald on seven health benefits of golf.

Photosynthetically active radiation for 365 days at Tokyo.

Tokyo 2015 avg PPFD by hour and DLI

Handouts from the Northern Green Expo about turf nutrition, water, and light.

Zoysia tennis courts at Kawana:

Kreuser on simplifying soil test interpretation for turf.

Can one calculate how much water is required for a given area? Yes, here's how.

Growth potential (GP) and growing degree days (GDD): are they comparable?

Jason Haines with this report of 2015 pesticide use.

Breeden, Brosnan, and Vargas on how turfgrass herbicides work.

Haines on the best time to irrigate putting greens.

Course conditioning guidelines for PGA TOUR tournaments.

Albert Bancroft using a sandpro to help melt snow on greens:

Water quality for irrigation, questions and answers.

For more about turfgrass management, browse articles available for download on the ATC Turfgrass Information page, subscribe to this blog by e-mail or with an RSS reader - I use Feedly, or follow asianturfgrass on Twitter. Link and article roundups from previous months are here.

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