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Avoiding nutrient deficiencies

Selection_052That's the title of my column in the May-June issue of GCM China. I described two ways to ensure there are no nutrient deficiencies.

One way is to find the quantity of elements in the soil by soil testing. Then one can supply enough of each element to ensure the quantity in the soil remains sufficient to supply all that the grass can use.

A second way, if soil tests are not conducted, is to make a conservative estimate of how much of each element the grass will use, and then to supply that amount as fertilizer. I prefer the first approach that utilizes soil testing, because in almost all cases the first approach will result in more efficient use of fertilizer.

The article is available in Chinese and in English.

For more about the first technique that utilizes soil testing, and the MLSN guidelines I recommended, see Just what the grass requires (this is the Chinese version of the same article).

All 14 articles I wrote for this GCM China  (turfgrass talk)  series are available in book form in A Short Grammar of Greenkeeping.


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