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MLSN, a pet peeve, and algae

Selection_046These things are not usually connected. But for this post, they are. Please bear with me.

I was glad when Jason Haines shared his slides from the WWGCSA meeting in January. His talk was entitled 4 years of MLSN (And my greens still aren't dead). That's great news on two fronts -- that the greens aren't dead, and that the slides were shared.

I wish everyone would share their slides and handouts. All through the year, but especially in the winter, it seems, there are turfgrass seminars happening all around the world. We could all learn faster, bad ideas could disappear faster, and good ideas could disseminate faster, if more of the information were made available.

You'll find most of my presentation slides on my Slideshare and SpeakerDeck pages. Additional slides and handouts, a lot of them mine, are on on this blog at the tag.



Where does algae come in to this? John Kaminski (and John Inguagiato) have a really good presentation on Algae Management for Golf Course Putting Greens on SlideShare.

When I think of sharing information, that's what I'm talking about. I'm glad Jason and John shared these presentations, and I wish this was the norm.


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