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Checking my calculations

Selection_072I enjoyed reading the recent paper by Hodges et al. on Quantifying a daily light integral (DLI) for establishment of warm-season cultivars on putting greens. They measured the DLI at Starkville for the duration of this experiment, from 13 June to 29 September 2013 and again from 2 June to 27 September 2014. The mean DLI in full sun, on their test area, was 42.3 mol m-2 d-1 when averaged across those dates.

Last year I made some calculations to estimate DLI. You can read about that in Estimating daily light integral in 4 Tennessee cities. I wondered what that calculation method would give for a mean estimated DLI in Starkville. That is, Hodges et al. measured DLI with a quantum light sensor from Spectrum Technologies, and I wanted to check my calculations to see how close the estimated DLI was to the measurement.

The code for the calculations is in the dli_tn repository.

In full sun, Hodges et al. measured an average DLI of 42.3. The mean estimated DLI, using my calculations, for those same dates, was 40.6. Not too far off. To put the error of my estimate into context, that's a difference of 1.7 moles. An hour of midsummer midday sun at that location will have about 7.2 moles of PAR per hour, so 1.7 moles is equivalent to about 15 minutes of midsummer midday sun.

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