Does soil water content affect nighttime soil temperatures in summer?
Checking my calculations

Six turfgrass Shiny apps

These Shiny applications make calculations related to turfgrass management.

Evapotranspiration (ET) calculator

Returns the reference and crop evapotranspiration for a day given inputs of latitude, maximum and minimum air temperatures, and crop coefficient. Based on the Hargreaves equation.

Sustainability index

Returns the sustainability index (SI) based on soil test inputs. This is a direct comparison of input soil test results to the MLSN data.


PPFD by time, date, and location

Returns the expected photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) for a second within any specified minute, given inputs of latitude, longitude, date, and time. Also returns expected daily light integral (DLI) at that location if it is sunny all day.

MLSN K fertilizer calculator

Calculates the fertilizer K requirement given inputs of grass species, soil test K, and annual N rate.

ET(蒸発散値: 標準 ETと特定作物 ET)計算機

このプログラムは、標準蒸発散値(ETo) を、年月日、緯度、その日の最高気温と最低気温を基にしてmm 単位で計算します。算出された ETo に、作物係数を乗算すると、 その作物の蒸発散値(ETc)が求められます。これらの計算はHargreaves の ETo

MLSN ガイドラインからK要求量を求める

ここでの計算は、持続可能な最低栄養 (MLSNガイドライン) をベースとしています。

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