Turfgrass and shade: daily light integral (DLI) in Sydney
Two fine articles about two important topics

Soil temperature and fairway management from 1980

I don't recall what I was searching for, but I stumbled fortuitously across this article by Oscar Miles from the Green Section Record in 1980:

Soil temperature and related fairway management practices -- northern turfgrasses

It's a great read, and quite interesting to see how he anticipated so much of the maintenance as conducted today.

"The additional data, I believe, will help us set up a program that a data processor or computer can maintain for us. I feel it is inevitable that mini-computers will make their way into golf course management systems. This is not as far-fetched as you might think."


p.s. Now I recall. I probably was searching for something related to soil water content and nighttime soil temperatures in summer.

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